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You can make your Safety Program something to be proud of!

“At Safety Check, Inc. we educate, motivate and remove barriers that prevent workers from becoming safety leaders. We strive to spread leadership throughout the work place.”

Loss Prevention Consulting Services

You value the safety of your employees. You believe in adhering to governmental safety and health regulations. You also know that your company’s safety record can significantly impact your bottom line. However, the process of creating a company-wide safety program can be overwhelming.

Effective Programs

We realize that creating an effective safety and health program is a complicated process – and one with which we are very familiar. We are adept at designing and implementing customized loss prevention programs that serve to protect employees, satisfy government regulations and ultimately lower company insurance premiums.

Safety Intelligence

Although reducing accidents and lower insurance premiums are valid reasons for creating a safety and health program, they may not be the only reasons. In today’s environment, your image will be enhanced by this intelligent business decision. Each year, increasing numbers of project owners and managers are choosing to examine the safety records of companies with whom they do business. An exceptional safety record isn’t simply something of which you can be proud, it’s something that can give you a competitive edge.

Your Most Valuable Asset

Your employees are your most valuable asset. A successful loss prevention program doesn’t just increase profitability, it demonstrates the commitment you have made to the safety and health of your employees. At Safety Check, Inc. we educate, motivate and remove barriers that prevent workers from becoming safety leaders. We strive to spread leadership throughout the workplace. Because accurate documentation is a critical element in satisfying regulatory requirements, Safety Check, Inc. will assist you in meeting these needs Due to the fact that safety and health regulations change frequently and may become increasingly complex, we will continue to aid you in addressing these changes long after your safety and health program is in place. Our goal is to contribute to your employees’ safety and health while positively impacting your success and profitability.

A Successful Safety Program

The process of creating a successful safety and health program is one that involves professionalism, understanding and industry knowledge. Safety Check, Inc. has developed and implemented safety and health programs for clients throughout the country – clients who value our commitment to professionalism, leadership and teamwork. They commend us for offering competitive prices, quality programs and outstanding service and support.

Aliboo Farm logo Safety Check Inc. is pleased to introduce its loss control services to the Equine Industry. We can offer assistance in Hazard Assessment, Safety & Health Program Development, Effective Tools For Continuing Education, OSHA Compliance, Expert Witness Testimony as well as On Site Employee Training. Aliboo Farm logo