In today's strict business climate, safety and health compliance is no longer an option, it's a necessity..

You value the safety of your employees. You know that your company’s safety record can impact your bottom line. Safety Check, Inc. is fully capable of providing you with the program your company needs in the industries you serve. In our twenty plus years of business, we have assisted clients in the following industries:


The construction industry encompasses a broad spectrum of areas that can all benefit from a stronger safety and health program. Whether your company focuses on roofing, mechanical, demolition, plumbing, or any other area in the field of construction, we offer competitive prices, quality safety programs and outstanding service and support.

The construction industry, above all others, can expose its employees to major risk of injury and loss. We understand the importance of a safe and productive work site and can work directly with field employees to assist in identifying and eliminating safety hazards. With our help fostering a culture of safety within your organization, you will benefit from a healthier, happier, and more productive workforce.

General Industry

Safety Check, Inc. has worked with several local and national employers to provide their companies with customized and effective safety programs designed for their unique operations. Whether your company focuses on manufacturing goods, exhibitor design, provision of services, retail, office work, or any other area in the field of general industry, we offer competitive prices, quality safety programs and outstanding service and support.

The process of creating a successful safety and health program is one that involves professionalism, understanding and industry knowledge. Safety Check, Inc.’s team of highly skilled safety professionals can assess the safety of your workplace, recommend to your team accident reduction strategies, and maintain an ongoing safety evaluation of your company to help insure that the safety culture of your business continues to improve. In working closely with your company’s officers, management, and employees, we can help to create a safer and healthier workplace for your workforce.


Safety Check, Inc. has successfully partnered with several insurance providers to benefit their insureds with stronger safety programs, on-going risk assessment reviews, and decreased injury rates. Depending on your company’s needs, we can help to maintain an affordable insurance premium for your insureds, decrease the risk and frequency of claims made for work related injuries, and maintain a working knowledge of your insureds level of safety and health.

Whether your insurance company is looking to better serve its insureds by providing them with a better safety program, or you are simply in need of a risk assessment to evaluate the current safety needs of an insured, Safety Check, Inc. is their to assist with you and your insureds’ safety and health needs.

Agriculture / Equine Sport

Safety Check, Inc. is pleased to introduce its loss control services to the agriculture and equine sport industry. With several members of the Safety Check, Inc. team maintaining an intimate knowledge of the equine industry, a natural evolution of our company has been to extend our services to the horses and industry that we love. Safety Check, Inc.’s services are structured to assist in keeping you, your employees, your equine participants, and your horses safe from the hazards particular to your industry.

Safety Check, Inc. can offer assistance in barn/facility hazard assessment, equine safety and health program development, safety education for your employees/participants, OSHA and EPA compliance, on site employee training, and much more.